What’s On My USB Stick Version 2

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New Forums are Here!

Hey guys.  It’s been forever since I’ve posted here.  I just wanted to let you know that the new forums are here.  It’s called MattsForums, since I’m…Matt.  These forums are for my blogs (remove-malware.com and techynotes.net) and youtube channel.

Please feel free to register here – http://mattsforums.vbulletin.net/

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CTB-Locker. Like Cryptolocker But Worse.

Cryptolocker was insanely successful.  It extorted millions of dollars from home and business users.  Like all successful software, upgrades were bound to happen.

Meet CTB-Locker ( a.k.a – Critroni ).

CTB-Locker stands for Curve Tor Bitcoin Locker.  Here are some of the new features at a glance:

  • Hides from authorities by communicating to command and control over the TOR anonymous network.
  • Uses elliptic curve cryptography for encrypting your files.  This encryption is a lot faster than cryptolockers, so once it get’s on your PC or mapped drives it has a better chance of encrypting more files, faster (doing more damage).
  • Accepts payment to unlock your files via bitcoin.
  • Blocking TOR traffic only prevents users from paying, CTB still encrypts the files.

Preventing and mitigating CTB-Locker.

  1. Install a good antivirus (like Kaspersky/Bit Defender).  Keep it patched and updated.
  2. Install Malwarebytes Premium as a second line of defense.  It’s only $25/year.
  3. Always install your Windows updates
  4. Backup your files daily to an external hard drive.
  5. Backup your files via something like Carbonite (if your PC does get hit by something like CTB call Carbonite immediately so they can freeze your backup).
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FileHippo is now “offering” an adware laden download manager

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.00.02 AMSay it ain’t so!  Filehippo.com is “offering” us a download manager that includes special “offers” a.k.a adware.  How generous of them.  Adware is a very serious threat to your PC.  Adware criples performance and makes using the internet almost an impossibility.  While adware can usually be uninstalled, most users have no idea how to.

You can read about the Filehippo.com download manager here – http://www.filehippo.com/de/filehippo_download_manager

If you would like to prevent adware from installing check out my review on Unchecky

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Malwarebytes 2.0 Review Part 1

Malwarebytes 2.o was released last week.  Here is part 1 of my video review.  In this video we’ll see how Malwarebytes 2.0 handles zero-day malware.

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New Video: How to Remove Junkware and Adware

I made another video on the subject of adware and junkware.  In this video I’ll show you how you can use to free tools to remove all the junkware and adware from your PC.  Enjoy!

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The Future of Malware is here – CryptoLocker

Here’s a little “PSA” I made about what I think will be the future of Malware – “Malware that encrypts your data and makes you pay to get it decrypted”.  CryptoLocker has been highly successful at making those who are infected pay the ransom.

 If you wanna read more here is the thread on Bleeping Computer – http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/506924/cryptolocker-hijack-program/

Get educated on CryptoVirology – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptovirology

So, what’s the solution?  Make backups of your files…lot’s of backups.

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New Video: Adware is Everywhere

Hi guys.  I made 2 new videos last week for Remove-Malware.com.

The first video “Adware Everywhere”  shows you how fast your computer can become rendered useless by the vast amounts of Adware out there.

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Video: How to Manually Remove FBI Ransomware

The FBI Ransomware trojan is EVERYWHERE right now.  I’m getting a few clients everyday infected with this trojan.  FBI Ransomware is bypassing lot’s of free and commercial Antivirus packages.  Removing the Ransomware with bootable anti-malware has also proved to be ineffective in my case.  

So, how do we get rid of the FBI Ransomware everytime?  Manually.  Check it out.

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Video: BitDefender 2013 Internet Security Prevention Test

In this video I demonstrate how effective BitDefender 2013 is at blocking malware.  BitDefender was installed using setup defaults, nothing was customized.

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