• Victor

    How can I remove malware from a computer with windows XP 32-bit? Using UBCD4Win? If yes, what plugins to choose to use with UBCD4Win?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • malwarekilla

    Do a search on my blog for UBCD4WIN, I’ve already made step by step instructions on that.

  • Thomas

    but you said norton was crap… i don’t geddit.

  • http://remotehelpexpert.com/blog/ RHE

    I still think Norton is crap.

  • Tweak

    Although I still strongly dislike Norton personally I think what must be realized is that he added (2010 or later) which is to say the most recent versions have lightened their footprint and increased there capabilities and thus improved significantly enough to be useful. The other thing is unlike some other offerings Norton and KAV that he mentions offer a more complete solution than many, not to say they are necessary better, just that they are fairly complete suites if you will.

  • Thomas

    Do you mean better detection or just new wishy washy optimization programs and better graphics?

  • Tweak

    I refer to slight improvements made in detection, maybe even major in some aspects, improved GUI for usability, and lower resources so that the system is not slowed so much as to feel several years older than it actually is, an overall improved product. I haven’t liked Norton for so long now but having recently seen some of their latest offerings I can say as a whole it has greatly improved. I personally at this point will not suggest or use it myself although I may change that opinion as time proceeds if Norton can prove itself to once again be as capable as other available solutions. At one time the choices were much less and people really only knew of a few large names like Norton and McAfee, that has long since changed, I am glad that Norton is improving because so many still reply on it at least now they are getting a better product for their hard earned money. As for optimization programs I am not certain to what you refer, I guess you make reference to Norton System Works type of suites but luckily that seems to be a thing of the past and proper offerings of protection is now the focus. Hope that better explains my last post.

  • Thomas

    Thanks for explaining. I’ll still stick to Comodo though

  • Jerry Diecidue

    Hey Matt, what happened to you? Are you still making videos or what? What ever happened with Defense Wall? Are you going to do KIS 2011? Also heard that Comodo is coming out with a 2011 version… are you going to review that? I know it’s summer and you have a life and all but WE NEED MORE VIDS!!! ;o)

  • Ted

    Yea, Seems like dieing grapes on a vine.

  • siketa

    Guys, don’t be sad….Languy99 continues the saga…

  • Ted

    Does LanGuy99 know he is taking over the reins of video testing?

  • yo9fah

    Very good post especially for beginners! Congratulations!

  • Nishant

    I have something called “poimek.exe” in the list of processes and it seems to be consuming a lot of my CPU capacity (around 50 units). Also, within about 2 hours of my laptop being ON, my RAM (2 Gb) seems to be fully consumed and I can’t work further without restarting. This is a recent phenomenon.

    What should i do?

    I’m using VISTA Home Premium 32 bit

  • TJ

    The link for “MalwareBytes Manual Updates” doesn’t seem to work anymore. But i’ve found this:


    Should be the right one?
    (My comp is stuffed with malware – causing Black Screen. Thanks malwarekilla, i’m going to try your instructions tonight!)

  • felicity young

    hi everyone i dont know if its a malware on my system.. im just 19 yrs old and i used to love working on my laptop and i just noticed one new folder on my drive D:/ and its just written in numbers like 5098056ee08a452cfa something like that and it was lock and i dont know where did i get it.,. but when i open it ,, it was always asking for a permission and i dont know what will i do to it.. so i was thinking if its a malware, that is being run on my system ,, since an unknown application was automatically pop up on my screen and i accidentally click on it,, and i think its a bearshare.. i saw this application in the control panel of my system,, and i dont prefer to have this application,, and i tried to search this folder on my drive c:/ but i cant even find it there.. anyone can help me about this please.. i dont want to reformat my laptop again coz i think i totally abused my laptop in reformating so i was hoping for a simple alternative recovery of my system… thanks and i hope someone could help me then

  • Jim Wright User Name: jrw4547

    I spent 25 hours trying to fix my problems, so I could excess the Internet, and nothing I tried worked. After I found this article on google, I read it and took notes on how to use it (I had to go to the library to use a computer, because mine wasn’t connecting to the Internet) I followed step by step on how to fix it, and in less then 10 minutes my computer was up and running great. This is by far a great article, it’s 100% true, It;s so easy to use, you won’t believe it fixed your computer so quickly. I would give this information a five star rating

  • mrizos

    Thanks for letting me know Jim! I’m glad you’re all up and running!

  • Alex

    2 questions, Can you use an SD card to create a bootable disk instead of a CD, if not, will everything fit on one cd or do I need more than one?

  • ihatenorton

    nortons SUCKS THE BIG WANKER. NEVER get norton .. unless you want a damn paperweight !

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  • ZOU

    +10 Matt!!

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    Great compilation… I have used this to fix my dads computer in FL and another 2 in TN. All with complete success. Many kudos. Rocky

  • Chris

    What do you do if you do not have a CD capabily to burn the Kaspersky rescue? can you use a memeory stick instead?