How to Prevent your Passwords from getting Stolen – Zemana Antilogger Review

In case you missed my latest video, here it is.  Zemana Antilogger Free is a small app that encrypts and scrambles each letter you type on your keyboard, thus preventing malicious keyloggers from collecting your keystrokes (and stealing your passwords).

Zemana Antilogger works alongside your antivirus and is extremely light.  Check out the video below.

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  • Bubba

    Is your work not been bust lately? You have been posting a lot of posts lately.

    • malwarekilla

      Yep…December is always a super slow month. I’m going to start remote access appointments soon…gotta break outta St. Louis and go nationwide.

      • Bubba

        Matt, need a little bit of help. I will try to explain what my problem I had a long time ago on my older XP machine. A virus that I had changed something. It made everything to ask how I should open IE8 and everything else you know that pop up you get when you insert a dvd or open a video file to watch videos that pops up. I wanna know what it is and how to fix it. It seems easy.

        • Harry

          Try this bubba

  • sheen

    Thank you so much for this one Matt, will share it to our group. :-)

  • Dave

    Thanks Matt. Awesome help there. Love your videos.

  • sheen

    Hi Matt,

    Good day! Can you test the Panda Cloud Antivirus now? since its already at 2.1.0 stable version, Hope I can here you soon! TIA


    • malwarekilla

      At the moment I’m trying to figure out how to get more malicious 0-day links that are working. So far the only way I can truly get “in the wild” malware is via my email.

      • sheen

        looking forward for this reply, sooner! Thanks & Happy New Year!

        • John

          Hey Matt, can you try the new mawarebytes.

  • John
  • Shaun Zhang

    And don’t forget to do a review on Malwarebytes Chameleon, Matt.

  • Michael Barbrie

    i tried to Download Zemana Antilogger but my Norton a.v. wouldn,t let it through it was infected so i opted out fast’ what now??..

    • mrizos

      Nothing. It’s just a false positive.

  • JCitizen

    Okay – how does it do in the AKLT runs? Is it a kernel based solution that can resist malware manipulation? Just wondering! I’ve been using KeyScrambler free? I’ve been using QFX since 2002; and they don’t pass all the AKLT tests, but then Rapport covers what they can’t do. I like it because it resistes malware manipulation. I have always been able to tell when malware try to shut it down, or otherwise corrupt it.