Another Common Question…What Type of Computer Do You Use?

Get ready to be shocked…I use a Mac Book Pro. I know…calm down. It’s true. I fell in love with OSX a long time ago when it was called “neXt Step”. After neXt went bust Mr. Jobs was nice enough to buy it an turn it into a Systems Administrators dream…OSX (an amazing UI with a unix bsd core).

My current full time PC is a Mac Book Pro with Windows 7 running via Parallels (look it up). I do a lot more besides working on PC’s and this guy get’s the job done.

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  • daniel

    im not entirely surprised knowing the abilities of mac os X however how many computers do you have though?

    • malwarekilla

      @daniel – hmmmm…a windows 7 desktop, 2 windows xp laptops, 1 vista desktop, 1 mac…that’s about it.

  • prasad

    cool…….and its also considered to be one of the most secure os out there……btw what are the specs of your mac book pro……and how much did it cost you ??

  • exit2600x

    I use my Linux Mint thin client mostly when I’m surfing at home. Its fast considering its using netbook hardware. :-)

  • 1234avast

    omg u use mac osx thats terrible. its the worst OS i’ve ever used its soooooo less functional and lags when running a vm. some more its hard to find an antivirus for mac and there are like a lot of viruses for mac out there i noe the graphics are cool but i still hate mac

  • Ryan

    Kaspersky make’s an anti virus for mac i dont know how much it is but you could probably get it on ebay for like $20.

  • OJay

    @1234avast: Yeah, sure. And the pope is married with children. :-)
    Never mind, i’ll keep using my Mac without any virus scanner. That’s because there hasn’t been a single virus for OSX yet. Market share is still too small for being of any interest to that “industry”.

  • Vilmis

    OSX is a very good OS. I won’t be using antivirus in it too.
    1234avast — its the worst OS i’ve ever used its soooooo less functional??? Argumentation?

  • KinderMan

    Come on guys, is his opinion. Everyone has diferrent opinions ;)

    Mine is: I would like to try it cuz it looks great but I don’t like the idea of buying a MAC just to get the OS working. =/

  • Tom

    OS X – It is so logical.

    Intego MalwareBarrier X6 Rocks!


  • Tom

    Kaspersky for Mac is a FAIL, only signature based. No heuristic engine.
    Avast for Mac, worthless, they have to ask posters on their forms to send in common Mac trojans. =The biggest FAIL you can ever have.
    PCTools iAntivirus for Mac, when Symantec bought PCTools about 1 year ago 2 weeks later all work stopped on iAntivrus. Only getting spotty definition updates. FAIL!

    ClamXav, the definition team could care less about Mac malware. A Mac security expert had to beg and plead to send them definitions so they don’t have to write code for Mac malware because they DON’T CARE about Mac malware. Last I knew 5 of the 12-15 Mac trojans in definitions. FAIL!

    Intego, Kick ass “Gold Standard” that ALL need to be judged by, and that all will fail to match.

    Here are the list of Mac anti-malware/virus programs.

    BitDefender- Beta
    ESET- Beta
    F-secure- Beta
    PC Tools iAntivirus
    PrevX- Beta starts soon…
    ProtectMac (Clam engine) lame
    Trend Micro

  • Johan

    HAHA nice Tom that’s the list I posted at Wilders :)

  • Tom
  • Tom


    Can you add a section on your forums for Mac Security Talk or Mac AV programs? The Misc Security Talk is so uninviting for this subject.

  • Nevi

    Abd although the RM forum is a great place,one of the mods “Dieselman” is a pest.He use everybodys time,telling how much more he know about malware than anyone else.I left the place because of that guy.
    Im sorry Matt,you have a good place there,and the rest of the Mods are great.But that one guy ruin everything there.

  • dogbert0360

    “Ubuntu Baby!!!!!”

    Don’t need no stinking anti-virus program!

  • Tom


    Here are some Mac links to some great programs that you may or may not have yet for your business.

    Free version of IP Scanner lets you toggle six IP’s Paid is indefinite. He is over priced at $29, but for a business pay it and move on. Great program

  • Tom

    iStumbler site kind of hides version 99 for Snow Leopard

    iStumbler 99 for Snow Leopard

    iStumbler 98 for Leopard


  • Rick
  • malwarekilla

    @Rick – lol…big deal…not like anyone is going to spend time writing malware for preview….there is much larger fish to fry…adobe reader.

  • Jerry Diecidue

    For what it’s worth and if you care to know, I use a Gateway GM5410E which when I purchased it almost 5 years ago, was a very good system.. was one of the first systems to offer Vista when that OS first came out. To be honest, I had not even heard of Vista until I brought it home, booted it up for the first time and loaded this OS that I had never seen, heard, or read about. Was interesting to try to navigate… ;o)

    As of late, I have upgraded the memory to its max of 4 gigs (not all useable because it’s 32 bit :(… Added a 650 watt corsair power supply, Striker 7.1 sound card, Windows 7, and a EVGA 1gb 9800gt video card. After almost 5 years, still works GREAT! Love it! Oh and also added a WD 500gig hard drive.

    Also have an HP laptop – 6800 series.. 3 gig RAM, 250 gig hard drive.. bone stock.. Not to crazy about HP as to me, they tend to be very tempermental.. that’s it for me… next system I will be building myself..

  • pranaygtr

    Both times I’ve used the Mac OS (Leopard and Snow Leopard) it crashed. I don’t think it likes me.

  • Johnny

    I nearly went for a MacBook myself, but it was the prices that put me off. I went for a Windows 7 Sony Vaio in the end because like Macs they look nice and I got much more better bang for my buck.