In the news – Trojan Nap, Microsoft and Symantec Give the Beat Down on a Botnet, China is 55% Infected

Malware that takes a nap…

Trojan Nap evades behavioral anti-malware by performing a few functions and then it stops executing anything for 10 minutes.  Pretty nifty stuff -

Microsoft and Symantec Give the Beat Down on a Botnet

It’s tag team time!  Oh yeah!  Microsoft and Symantec got bored and decided to shutdown a botnet named Bamital.  Bamital controlled thousands of PC’s and would redirect search engine queries to fake/malicious sites. 

China’s got worms…errr…and malware too.

Apparently the good ole’ country of the .cn has a 55% infection rate among it’s PC’s.  That’s the highest on Earth (and possibly the galaxy).  New PC’s in China are often preloaded with malware…and smog.


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  • Sean

    That’s hilarious about Chinese PCs. I wonder why so many of the highest ranking nations are in Eastern Asia. Why are governments like those of China and South Korea so crippled in the fight against cybercrime?

    By the way Matt, if you wanted to make a tutorial video it might be cool to discuss the dangers of Java and why someone would need it in the first place.

    • jcitizen

      I don’t know if the PRC is crippled as much as they want to watch their own populace, and probably use the malware just as much as the criminals to watch the people. They also want to watch all of East Asia as well.