Tweets for 2012-09-27


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  • jcitizen

    It is for real – believe me – Avast has never let me down; but it is NOT an anti-malware, even though it does a pretty good job of covering the grey area between the two.

    • ZOU


      I am glad you said that because a lot of people expect their AV to catch every piece of malware they download. That way of thinking is simply not realistic.

      While I recommend Avast Free Edition to most, I am a bit unorthodox in my personal choices. I choose to use Sandboxie with a couple of wicked on-demand scanners like MBAM and HitMan Pro. I am currently flirting with a behavior blocker or HIPS, but I have not made a long term decision yet as to which of those I will be applying, if at all.

      The gist is that viruses and worms are noisy, It is the Trojans and Rootkits that are the problem a lot of the time; they can be so darn quiet and stealthy, and while viruses and worms are annoying and cause performance issues, it is the Rootkit that is used to exploit your lack of online financial security.

  • bulldozer

    Avast works very well and they continue to improve. Also avast auto updates more than mse.

  • mrizos

    I’ve been installing Avast for most of the year now. Not a single complaint from a client yet.

  • shre12345

    Dont forget the streaming updates…they are running like crazy ass’s during the weekends.Everyday we have more than 20 streaming updates..