Avast Prevention Test Videos

Last night I tested Avast Antivirus 4.8 Home against a few malicious URL’s and Exe’s and the results were less than perfect.  Avast let a trojan install on the PC and then couldn’t remove it once it was on.  Later the PC was turned into a BOT and started sending SPAM (video 2).

Here are some facts on the test since I know I’ll get questions: 

  • The PC was clean
  • Latest Avast was loaded
  • The Avast VPS was updated minutes before the video
  • All shields were all turned on high
  • 5-7 URLS were tested
  • 1 trojan infection was confirmed
  • 1 exe failed to elicit any response from Avast (silent malware/rootkit)
  • PC was turned into a spamming BOT