Avira AntiVir Free Version 8 Prevention Test Review

I tested Avira AntiVir 8 last night (the free version) and it blocked (quarantined) 5 out 5 pieces of malware.  Perfection!  3 pieces of malware were detected via Avira’s signature engine and 2 others were blocked via the Avira heuristics engine (very nice for a free app btw).

Here are facts:

  • 5 Malicious URL’s tested.
  • 5 Malicious URL’s were prevented from infecting the host computer
  • Internet Explorer was used.
  • PC was clean
  • Avira AntiVir Free version 8 was used
  • Signature DB was updated minutes before test
  • Heuristics were set to high

Watch the prevention review below:


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