Comodo Internet Security 3.5 Prevention Tests

Recently I tested Comodo Internet Security‘s Antivirus and Defense+ modules against 8 malicious URL’s.  The results were fantastic.  Comodo’s Denfense+ (HIPS module) was able to identify and halt malicious files and registry entries from being created.

Below are few pro’s and Con’s for Comodo Internet Security 3.5


  • It’s Free – You can download Comodo Internet Security here.
  • Includes – a firewall (one of the best software firewalls), realtime antivirus and an amazing HIPS engine.
  • Automatic free updates.
  • Small memory footprint (for me at least).


  • needs a larger list of whitlisted applications.
  • no heuristics (I believe they are adding this soon).
  • HIPS and Firewall modules require the user to know if the request is either legit or malicious.  This is not Comodo’s fault of course, however they could simplify the users experience and protection by adding (and maintaining) a massive list of whitelisted applications.

Part 1:


Part 2:


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