Hitman Pro KickStart Removes FBI Ransomware

There’s a lot of fake FBI Ransomware out there, so much so in fact, that SurfRight (the makers of Hitman Pro) have developed a solution called KickStart that targets Ransomware.  Kickstart creates a bootable USB stick that prevents the ransomware from loading and then subsequently removes it for you.  It’s simple and effective.

Here’s how to create a Kickstart USB stick:

  1. On a computer that’s not infected with the fake FBI Ransomware you’ll download Hitman Pro with Kickstart from http://www.surfright.nl/en/downloads
  2. Open the Hitman Pro download.  You’ll notice at the bottom of Hitman Pro that there is a new button (little figure doing a karate kick).  Click that button.
  3.  There will be a simple interface that goes into more details on how Kickstart works.  
  4. Plug-in an empty USB stick into a free USB port on your PC.
  5. Click Install Kickstart.  Hitman Pro Kickstart will erase the USB stick and then put all the necessary software on that stick for booting your PC into Windows without the Ransomware loading.  After Windows loads Hitman Pro will remove the ransomware automatically.




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