Kaspersky Rescue Disc Requests

I’m a huge fan of the Kaspersky Recue Disc (KRD), however I do have 2 major issues with it that I wish the guys over at Kaspersky would fixed (and soon). kaspersky rescue disc

  1. 50% of the time the Kaspersky Rescue Disk starts up with a blank black screen.  Super annoying and there doesn’t seem to be much of a solution.  Maybe they could make KRD entirely text based and thus avoid trying to load excessive files for different graphics cards.
  2. Why the hell does it take the Kaspersky Rescue Disc 20-30 minutes (or longer) to update the database?!  I’m on a 30 MB cable connection.  I can download a 2 GB iso from Microsoft in that time.  Seriously…fix that PLEASE!!!

That’s really it.  If they could fix these 2 issues that would be soooo awesome.