Quickly Unhide Files Hidden by Rogue System Utilities

My good’ole uncle Phil called me on the way home from work tonight and said that his hard drive had “lot’s of critical errors on it”.  I said “what said that, read it to me”.  In his military fasion he started reading everything thing on the rogue system utility GUI…I made him stop mid sentence and quickly told him it was basically a virus.

So to make a long story much shorter I got rid of the rogue quickly, by I needed to find an automatic and quick way of unhiding all the files that were hidden by the rogue (fake) system utility.  The solution?  A nifty free little program called UnHide.exe from guys over at bleepingcomputer.com.

UnHide is a mere 669 KB and just requires a double click.  Once it runs it starts unhiding files that were hidden by the fake system utility.  The entire process took about 5 minutes to unhide all of my uncles files (some Windows System files meant to be hidden stay hidden) and it also restored his start menu programs.  Awesome little app!