New Features for Avira Antivirus Free 2013

Avira has released it’s yearly update to Avira Antivirus.  For 2013 Avira has introduced a few new features for their free antivirus product.  Let’s take a look some of the new features and what I think of them (since I *may* be using Avira in my daily client appointments)

  • No Popup Ads for Avira Antivirus Free Users…sortaOnly if you agree to install their search toolbar which includes Avira’s Browser Tracking Blocker which has the ability to block tracking networks.  Tracking networks monitor what sites you’ve visited in the past and then show ads tailored to your previous searches.  There’s really no telling how much info they can track about you since there are no laws in place to define what is or is not trackable.

block ad networks avira

  • Web Safety Advisor – The Web Safety Advisor tells you if the site that you’re on is safe or not.  Ratings are safe, low risk, verifying (stupid), unknown (doh…) and high risk.  This is kinda the crappy version of McAfee’s site advisor since it doesn’t give you site ratings in search engine results (like when you’re doing a Google search).
Avira Web Safety Advisor
  • Social Network Protection – allows you to “snoop” on your kids social networks for unwanted content (like threats from bullies or child predators).   For this App to work you’ll need your child’s login and password for any social network they are associated with.  Good luck with that! 🙄  In the screen shot below you can see my facebook account had 119 events with one severe event (one of my friends was talking about a “prison haircut”).
facebook avira
  • Android Security – Allows you to track, lock and wipe your android phone remotely.  Another really sweet feature of the Android security is the ability to blacklist calls and SMS messages.
Avira Android Security
  • More updates for all…yeah! – instead of updating the virus database every 24 hours the virus database now updates every 6 hours now.  That’s a pretty big improvement, however it’s impact really depends on Avira’s ability to significantly update the virus database every 6 hours.


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