Google Getting Hacked In China

There’s a few really great articles on Google getting hacked in China over at slashdot.  I really hope that Google gets kicked out of China (leaving voluntarily would be a sign of weakness and thus lower the stock price).

Frankly, I’m really tired of the Chinese government constantly hacking anything related to the United States or human rights.  China needs to realize that the world has moved on and they can’t silence their people in this day and age…it’s impossible.

Here’s another great article on how China’s economic bubble is getting ready to burst and could be 1000 times worse than what has happened to Dubai.  Looks like the Chinese government has been “cooking the books” for a long time.

Anyway, I do love their food though…special fried rice FTW :P…

Oh, also…I NEVER test any software produced in China because I do NOT trust it.  I think their government has their hands in everything…especially software being installed on foreign PC’s

What do think?  Leave a comment lazy…

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