Avast is First Free Antivirus for Windows 8, Preparing My Windows 8 Test Box …


Avast Antivirus has declared itself as the first free “Windows 8 compatible” Antivirus for Windows 8.  They have a little comparison of Avast vs Windows Defender (Windows 8 built-in Anti-Malware).  You can read more about it here.

I downloaded a 90 trial of Windows 8 for my VMWare malware test box.  My next video will be a test of how resilient Windows 8 is against malware.  Building the virtual machine required a few extra steps that I had to grab off technet, but as you can see from the image below I’m ready to roll.


The fake FBI ransomware I discussed here is getting updated a couple of times a day to evade signature based anti-malware (only 1 engine on virustotal detected it – Sophos).  One of our managers at work acquired it first thing in the morning yesterday.  Nothing I had would detect it.  I had to pull out the old HiJackThis to find it and delete it (manually).  The random exe was in C:\Windows btw.

Congratulations to President Obama on another 4 more years!


Windows Defender has been blocking a lot of the malware in my unfiltered inbox.  In this case I opened one of those “BBB Complaint” emails along with it’s PDF trojan.  That .exe had 3 other pieces of malware on it (one being a keylogger).


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