United States Admits that it Created Stuxnet (and probably Flame)

Breaking news out there today!  

Obama pretty much admitted that the United States created Stuxnet to cripple Irans Centrifuges in it’s Natanz Nuclear Facility.  Stuxnet was brought to the Natanz facility by a US / Israeli spy (presumably via a USB flash drive).  While Iran never admitted to the damage caused by Stuxnet, spies inside the facility reported on widespread outages that caused serious disruptions in uranium enrichment.

Codename – “Olympic Games”

Stuxnet was part of the United States program for cyber espionage and attacks called “Olympic Games”.  Stuxnet was just one of the “cyber threats” created to attack technology in nations that pose a significant threat to the United States, their allies and peace in general.  Olympic Games sounds like it’s going “full steam ahead” and we’ll be seeing a lot more of these cyber attacks from the US.  Is Flame part of “Olympic Games’?  It hasn’t been confirmed, but if I had to guess I’d say yes.


You’ve got to take care of your own.  If you have a nation’s president (Ahmadinejad) saying they’re going to “wipe you off the map” or “your country is the Great Satan” (Israel and US) you have to take that threat seriously and apply the appropriate counter measures.  I think cyber attacks are a lot better than the alternative…ya know… bomb’s, bulllets, blood and such.  

Will malware created for a peaceful purpose slow or stop Iran in it’s goal to create highly enriched uranium?  Probably not.  But ya know, everyday that we can wake up and not have people dying from war is a good day.  If malware can help achieve that, then I’m all for it.

What say you?

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