Vundo Fix from makes some really great free tools. Just a few that I use on a daily basis:

VundoFix – The Vundo Trojan can be very hard to get rid of. I’ve been 100% successful in removing the Vundo Trojan with Atribunes VundoFix. Please note that VundoFix should be run from SafeMode.

ATF – Cleaner – ATF cleaner clean ALL temp directories in Windows at once. It’s super fast…luv it.

Here is a link to these 2 tools from

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Malware Alarm

Malware Alarm is Rogue (fake) AntiMalware. Malware Alarm is installed via trojans on your PC. Malware Alarm will display constant alerts in the windows task bar (as well as popups) saying that you are infected and those infections can only be cleaned with Malware Alarm. This is not true.

Do not buy this product, it sole purpose is to obtain your credit card number. If you did purchase Malware Alarm cancel your credit card now.

Kaspersky Antivirus 7 can detect and remove this or you can use Manual Removal Instructions

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annoying registry cleaner popup

Registry Cleaners are often installed via products like Zango or through other trojans. Registry Cleaners do NOTHING to speed your pc up and can often leave your PC in an unusable state. So if your getting the annoying registry cleaner popup just uninstall it or run an antispyware scan.

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