ComboFix Latest Download

The latest version of combofix flat out tells you that 1/100 computers can be corrupted as a result of combofix cleaning infections. This is true…I know. ComboFix will delete any infected files…that means system files. So, on your next reboot you may not be booting at all 😛 Make sure you perform a virus scan with the quarantine option turned on before you run combofix

Combofix Download and Instructions

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A new set of trojans posing as a myusenet hack have been released in the major P2P networks this week. Do not download or install any exe’s claiming to be a hack.

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Virus Heat

Virus Heat is Rogue AntiMalware and should never be installed and ALWAYS removed. Virus Heat will display fake alerts saying that you are infected by a vast number of viruses and trojans. While this may be true, Virus Heat is one of them.

If you have purchased Virus Heat cancel your credit card and try to get a refund. Removal Instructions

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