New RansomWare – United States Cyber Security

Over the weekend I got a nice little treat from a new client – New RansomWare!  The client called me to verify that what he was seeing on his PC was a fake message.  I told him yes.  The United States Gov does not lock your pc down and demand $200 via MoneyPak to unlock it.  

The ransomware was a fake ctfmon.exe (or it was legit and had the ransomware injected into it…I don’t remember).  I used the Kaspersky Rescue Disk to detect and remove the ransomeware.

Here are some pictures I took of the RansomWare:

The pic below is what you’ll see when you start windows – A bogus message from “United States Cyber Security”

RansomWare - United States Cyber Security

Now they tell you how to “unblock” the computer and that it’ll cost ya $200 via MoneyPak.

RansomWare - How to Unlock Computer

Oh look!  They’re even nice enough to tell ya where you can buy MoneyPaks.

RansomWare - Where you can buy MoneyPak


Once you’ve bought your Moneypak you enter the code in below and wait 1 – 24 hours.

RansomWare Asking for MoneyPak



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