Theme Changes, Review Format Changes, Next Review – AVG 2012 and More…

Instead of making tiny blog posts for everything that I find interesting I’m going to combine them all into one post per day (assuming there’s enough to talk about). Blog:

I’m going to be changing the theme to give it more of a newspaper/magazine feel.

Remove-Malware YouTube Channel:

For my next review (and subsequent ones) I’ll be covering the following items below in a single (edited) video:

  • Installation/Removal on an Infected PC – Can the antivirus be installed and updated on infected machine.  If not do they have a bootable rescue CD.  If yes, then add that to the review.
  • Prevention Test – Install Antivirus on a clean PC, update it.  Try to load at least 5 pieces of malware.  Does the antivirus block all 5 pieces of malware?  Verify with Kaspersky Rescue Disk.

Add a custom background to the youtube channel.

Other Stuff…

  • The next review is AVG 2012.  I’ve completed the pretests and I’m recording segments now.  Here’s an image from part 2 of the AVG 2012 review:
  • AVG Antivirus offers a Rescue disc for free.  If you’re PC has become so infected that you literally cannot do anything in Windows then you can use their bootable antivirus cd (or usb drive) to remove infections in a bootable environment.  You can learn more here.