Remove Malware News for the Week of 8/20/2012

Rather than making a bunch of posts for this week I’ll just keep adding to this one.

Avast Releases Mobile Security 2.0 for Android.  You can read about it here – and you can download it via Google Play.

The parts I love about this app:

  • If you lose your Android phone you can login into a portal and remotely wipe your entire phone (ensuring private documents and emails stay private).
  • You can rename the anti-theft app to something else like “phone guide” for example
  • Network Monitor let’s you see what apps are consuming how much bandwidth

Microsoft Releases 9 Critical Patches

The Shamoon Worm (a.k.a Disttrack) wipes your PC!

  • Heralding back to the days of old when malware was truly malicious, the Shamoon virus rewrites OS files on Windows PC’s making them unbootable (until you reload the OS after a format).  The part that scares me is that Shamoon spreads from PC-to-PC.  Initial points of infection seam to be emails disguised as legit files.  Shamoon is currently targeting energy companies in the middle east.

Updated the ToolKit Page

Next Review – DoNotTrackPlus (DNT+)

Here’s a description of DNT+ 

DoNotTrackPlus stops data collection by preventing your browser from communicating with
those companies and leaving a digital trail. DNT+ gives you the peace of mind to know
that you aren’t creating a virtual profile of yourself as you surf the web that can be used
against you. Currently, DNT+ blocks tracking by more than 200 companies and 580 tracking
technologies. It can speed up page loads by up to 4x, creates the fewest website errors of
any tracker-blocking tools on the market, and is the only such tool that rebuilds social buttons