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Common Questions and Answers for the Past 3 Months

In an effort to save some typing (since I suck at it)  I thought I’d answer a few questions.

So what’s your favorite anti-virus right now?

That’s really a 2 part answer.  Microsoft Security Essentials for PC’s with Dual Cores (and above) with at least 1 GB of RAM.  Avira AntiVir for PC’s with slower processors and less RAM (under 1 GB).

Can you do a review of…?

Before you ask this question search my channel.  I’ve probably made a video on it.

Can you look at my HiJackThis log?

No.  HiJackThis logs do not expose all the malware on your PC.  Don’t send them to me.

How do you make your videos more than 10 minutes long on YouTube?

I’m a YouTube partner.  Look it up.

What do you use to record your videos?

Camtasia.  I suppose the reason they look so good is the YouTube partner thing.

You never talk about “product name here” anymore, do you still like it?

90% of the time, yes.  If something drastically changes for the worst I’ll usually make a post about it.

Can you review “product” beta?

Usually no, simply because I get lot’s of  “wow, your review means nothing since the product is only in beta”.  Sometimes I do make beta videos when I don’t give a sh*t what people think 😛

Can you get me a serial for this product?

You’re a moron.

Do you do full or quick scans?

I usually only do quick scans.  Quick scans know where to scan for malware and this saves a ton of time.

I’ve got a few more to answer, I’ll post them in a bit.

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Skynet Rootkit – When Malware with Movie Names Attack!

No, the global A.I. network of man killing machines from the Terminator movie is not on your computer, it’s just a browser redirection rootkit. 😛

Figure 1 – The Skynet Rootkit

I went over Tom’s house last night on the report that he couldn’t run a quick scan with SuperAntiSpyware (his box blue screened with a bad pool error). When I got there he said he couldn’t load some websites when he searched for them on Google because of a “syntax error”. That “syntax error” turned out to be a malvertised search engine that wasn’t working. Tom’s queries were being redirected. I thought it was a little unusual because Tom had a fully updated and enabled copy of Avira AntiVir 9 free along with Malwarebytes and Sas (free versions). It turns out this rootkit went right through Avira.

Combofix laid waste to this rootkit along with about 24 other pieces of adware. I advised Tom to pick up a copy of Kaspersky Internet Security.

You can remove the Skynet rootkit with combofix, rootkit repeal or a bootable av disc with updated signatures.

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Can I Have My Old AntiVir Free Back?

Really, I’m not one to complain that much, but the new AntiVir Free is filled with “things” that make using it a “real pain in the azz”.

As you can see in this picture below AntiVir free users are continuously bombarded with popups asking you to upgrade. Popups occur randomly in the right corner and you get the big fat ad window when you perform an update. This is a real problem for me and my customers. I know I can turn off the ads via some hacks, however I cannot violate the Avira AntiVir TOS when I’m installing this on a customer’s PC.

Another HUGE problem is the automatic updating in Avira AntiVir Free…it doesn’t work! It doesn’t work on my PC or on dozens of my customers PC’s.

Dear Avira,

Can you please remove some of the popup ads and fix automatic updating otherwise I’m moving on to something else…

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