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List of Bootable AntiVirus

Here’s my list of bootable antivirus solutions.  If have have a bootable antivirus that you don’t see listed please add it as a comment for everybody.

All-In-One Bootables – You can add many bootable antivirus / antimalware scanners along with other system utilities using these discs below:

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Video: How To Make a SARDU Boot Disc

How To Make A Sardu BootdiskAre you tired of carrying around multiple bootable on-demand anti-virus scanners and other bootable utilities?  I thought so.

I’ve got a solution for ya, it’s called a SARDU Boot Disk!

SARDU is really simple and really cool.  It’s just a way to consolidate your bootable ISO’s into a single CD/DVD or USB Stick.  Before I started using SARDU I had 5-6 bootable anti-virus scanners plus a utilities DVD.  Now, thanks to SARDU, I’m using a single Bootable DVD and a single Bootable USB disk.  Cool stuff.

Admittedly, I just started using SARDU, so I’m sure I’ll have some updates.  You can download SARDU here.

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New Video: Norton Bootable Removal Tool

Tonight I uploaded the Norton Bootable Removal Tool 2011 edition review.  I tested the NBRT against a computer that was so infected it wouldn’t even boot.  Thanks for watching and please leave those wonderful comments!  Also, please share this post using the social buttons at the bottom of this post!

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