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Twitter Updates for 2010-04-22

  • Malware Mules – good reading http://bit.ly/9ygF0g
  • @soggydave Dave is now a tweeting maniac. Loved your blog posts this week btw. in reply to soggydave #
  • A very welcome facebook app – automatic scanning of facebook links for malware
    http://bit.ly/bWcxTK #
  • Malwarebytes and Sunbelt joining forces…sweetness! http://vipre.malwarebytes.org/ #
  • reading the K-9 manual. Gotta get ready for tomorrows review. #
  • mmm…lunch reading An exploration of Rogue AV customer support sites – http://bit.ly/bcpeGZ #
  • I’m done with Firefox. I only have 3 addons and it’s using 1123 MB of RAM!!! That is crazy. #
  • Helllllooo Chrome. So much faster, 23 MB of RAM with 8 tabs open. That is just so awesome. #
  • correction – Chrome spawns a process per tab (actually 3 when you open it) …but man it’s fast. 8 tabs 230 mb RAM #chrome #
  • ooops…mcafee releases an update that deletes svchost.exe! Looks like I’ll be seeing a lot of $$$ this week #mcafee #nai #
  • here’s a fix for the mcafee f*ck up http://vil.nai.com/vil/5958_false.htm lol…good luck regular users!!! #mcafee #nai #
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Is Rogue Anti-Virus Malicious or Should We Just Ignore Them

Looks like some people in the Avast forum are pissed that I pointed out that Avast missed a Rogue.   Yes, I know Rogues are not technically malicious and are quite hard for an AV to detect, however I personally think that Rogue’s are the MOST malicious applications out there.

Rogue’s are designed to steal someones identity (and a few bucks) and they do it very well.  That is malicious…very malicious and very very bad.  It is the purpose of (almost all) malware being made today.   I get the feeling that the anti-malware company’s are taking the stance of…”ehh….Rogues are not technically harmful to your computer so it’s not are fault…good luck!” 

Again, I know they are hard to detect, but don’t just discount them as no biggy.  They are the “biggest of the biggy’s” when you consider what they accomplish.

I wonder why Malwarebytes can detect every rogue out there….hmmmm…

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