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Upcoming Reviews

I’m working on 2 reviews right now:

PC Tools Internet Security – lots of requests for this one. Expect this review by Friday.
AVG Internet Security – is it any better than AVG Free? Expect this review by Sunday.

I’m a little behind on the reviews because I was out of town on business.

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F-Secure Internet Security Review

I uploaded the F-Secure Internet Security 2009 review on Friday. You can watch the review over at my youtube channel  

Personally I pre-screened F-Secure and it failed misurably, then I performed the review and some how it was WORSE!!!  I saw no reason to even test it in safemode because I honestly couldn’t find a reason why anyone should ever put up with such a crappy normal boot mode experience.  I did test the application in safemode in the prescreen and it wouldn’t scan.  The scaner when from … 356 items …1945 items … back to 128 items…it just went back and forth.

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F-Secure Internet Security Review Schedule

I’m currently testing F-Secure Internet Security and the review will be uploaded on Saturday.  Stay tuned!!

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