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Norton 2011 Beta’s Are Out.

Wow, time flies.  All the beta’s for the Norton 2011 families have been released.


Umatched Protection

Umatched Protection

Norton Download Insight helps you download and share files safely by warning you if a download can be trusted or contains threats or crimeware before it can cause harm.

Safe Web identifies unsafe websites right in your search results, blocks known malicious sites, and exposes suspicious online sellers.

Umatched Performance

Umatched Performance

Faster and Lighter than ever before, Norton Internet Security 2011 beta uses minimal system resources and scans only files at risk for fewer, shorter scans and the fastest scanning times.

Proactive Performance Alerts help you optimize your PC’s performance by notifying you when applications are slowing you down.

New Rescue Tools

New Rescue Tools

Sometimes PCs become infected with difficult to remove “scareware” programs or they get so infected by threats that are deeply buried in the PC’s operating system that special tools are required to remove them. That’s where Norton Rescue Tools can help.
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Norton Internet Security 2010 and Rogue Antivirus = Fail

Since I’ve finally had some down time I decided to work on my next review: Norton Internet Security 2010.

Here’s a tiny sneak peak on one of my “gripes” with NIS 2010 and plenty of other security applications. Rogue Antivius! Internet security suites seem to be helpless when trying to identify rogue security applications. While not exactly malicious to your operating system they are very malicious to your wallet and identity.

Here’s an example.

I installed NIS 2010 and performed all the live updates. Right after that I went on the search for some rogue antivirus. After finding a fake codec site I clicked on the codec download and installed it. NIS immediately says that the file is new and has never been seen in the Norton community, nor does it have a digital signature….but…the file is allowed to install itself on the PC and run!!!

I’m not sure why NIS 2010 allows untrusted files to install and run nor could I find anything on their forums (or help files) that explains why untrusted files are allowed to run.

What NIS 2010 (and other security applications need)

If a file or process is untrusted an average user should have an easy to use applet that allows them to terminate the process or file and then quarantine it.

Let’s take a look at the screen shots below:

The first one shows that a Rogue antivirus called SoftSafeness is untrusted by NIS 2010 yet it’s allowed to run along with all of its scareware components.

The next screen shot shows how easy it is to load the rogues payment site and Norton says it’s a safesite…ouch…someone’s going to lose their identity.

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DriveSentry 3.1 Review – Install, Configuration and Prevention

Last night I reviewed one of my favorite applications…DriveSentry 3.1

DriveSentry is a FREE (yes, free) HIPS based application and uses what they call “TRI-Security Malware Protection” which is basically:

  • Whitelisting – A list of 40,000 + known safe applications.  Since these applications are already proven safe the user is spared the question…”is this application safe to run”.
  • Blacklisting – A signature database of over 2 million malicious applications.
  • Behavior Analysis – Allows drive sentry to question and stop processes that appear to modify the operating system in a malicious manner.

So far DriveSentry has blocked every single threat (about 20 now) with complete ease (and I mean ease…just click the deny button).  DriveSentry uses about 19 MB of RAM and no noticeable processor time (on my pc).

So are there any downsides?  Yes, there are.  DriveSentry asks a fair amount of “is this safe to run” type questions.  Of course this is no big deal to me, but to a novice this can negate the power of this awesome application with one wrong answer.


Because novices run everything! DriveSentry needs to put a MAJOR focus on identifying legit applications for their whitelisting database if they want to break into the consumer market at a faster and more successful rate.

On a personal note – DriveSentry is currently my second favorite application (right behind DefenseWall).  I’ll be using DriveSentry for a few of my clients tomorrow.  I’m planning on having the users run their PC like they do on a normal day.  I’m sure DriveSentry will ask us if it’s OK to run a few apps here and there.  Once we have our modified whitelist set the client should be good to go.  If they get further DriveSentry questions they can just call me.

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Part 2


Part 3


Personal Test


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