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DefenseWall 2.45 Intro Review On YouTube

I uploaded the DefenseWall 2.45 Intro Review on YouTube today.  DefenseWall is a HIPS Antimalware Product (Host Intrustion Prevention System) from SoftSphere (Ilya Rabinovich).  This is the first HIPS product i’ve ever tested and it left me with a very big question….

Have we seen the end of Antivirus?

If you install DefenseWall on a clean system that should be all the protection against malware you’ll ever need (theoretically).  Here is a quote from Ilya Rabinovich (developer of DefenseWall) on how DefenseWall protects your PC:

DefenseWall HIPS is a very easy-to-use tool that provides 99.99% protection from all types of malware while surfing the Internet and while installing new software – if you use DefenseWall the right way!

DefenseWall HIPS divides all applications into ‘trusted’ and ‘untrusted’ groups. Untrusted processes which may be created by an untrusted application or process has limited rights. DefenseWall HIPS prevents untrusted processes from modifying the executable/interpretative files, phone database (target for “dialers” malware), Hosts files, add/modify autostart areas (both registry and file system), add/modify drivers/services (targeted by “rootkits”), modify desktop and browser settings (IE, FireFox, Mozilla, Opera), set global hooks (usually used by “keyloggers”), inject their code into “trusted” processes and many other dangers. In addition, DefenseWall HIPS prevents untrusted processes from gaining access to “Secured” files and folders. It will prevent your sensitive data from being stolen by malware. DefenseWall HIPS does not allow “untrusted” processes to break your system’s integrity and to break out of the virtual “untrusted processes” area.

Terminating malware is very easy – close all untrusted processes with the “big red button” (recommended), or click the grey button, “you have ‘x’ untrusted process(es) running on your computer”, to terminate individual malware proceses. Another method – simply restart your computer – the untrusted zone will be closed by your system.

I’m completely amazed at how well DefenseWall protected my (test) computer from zero-day threats, it was absolutley perfect in test after test.

Let me know what you guys think about DefenseWall and HIPS in general.

DefenseWall Part 1

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