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Another Reason to Hate Trend Micro…

Tonight, one of my new clients asked me to clean up a rogue anti-virus app and install his new anti-virus, Trend Micro Titanium (…whatever that means).  I popped the disc in, clicked install and bam!

Check out the screen shot below (click to enlarge):Trend-Micro-Titanium

Are you F’n kidd’in me?  Trend Micro is NOT compatible with an On-Demand scanner (the free version of MalwareBytes is not real-time)?  Personally, if it were me, I’d cancel this install and buy a full copy of MalwareBytes (which includes really good real-time protection).

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A new config from barry rawlinson

Barry submitted a config for review…

My security configurations are…
comodo and geswall. I was using geswall and drivesentry then changed to comodo. Have I done the right thing. Thought i would go with comodo because of real time scanning and defence+ for extra security. By the way your video’s have been a great help to me, keep up the good work.

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AVG Free 8.5 Review – Prevention

In this review I try to load 10 malicious urls on a PC protected with the latest version of AVG free (version 8.5). Personally I thought the results were pretty good, however there is one BIG hole in AVG free, and you’ll see that in this video.

AVG Free protects you against spyware, adware, viruses and trojans. AVG free also scans websites in real-time for malicious code and places colored icons next to search results (green check marks are good and red x’s are bad).

In case you didn’t know AVG free is the most downloaded antivirus on the internet today. Grisoft has the ability to rule the free antivirus world, however they need to give in and add some really good anti-rootkit technology.


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