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Norton Internet Security 2009 Prevention Review

In my last review of Norton Internet Security 2009 we all saw NIS 2009 take on a highly infected computer and single handily return it to normal with relative ease.  There is no doubt that Norton 09 products are absolutely fantastic for removing malware, but what about protecting my PC from malware installs, can Norton Internet Security guard this PC against 10 malicious links?  See for yourself!


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Starting Another Blog To Answer Non-Malware Tech Questions

I decided to start another blog to answer non-malware related questions and also to serve as my daily “IT brain dump”.  I figured everyone could benefit from that kind of crazy things I see and solve everyday.

Welcome to GeekySpeaky.net

Here are my goals for this blog (my checklist):

  • take and answer questions (for free of course).  askus@geekyspeaky.net
  • create how to’s for the Windows OS (XP and Vista).  These will be text and youtube based.
  • review other tools that I use besides anti-malware…yes, I do other things besides removing malware on a day to day basis 🙂

…hmmm anything else…i’m thinking.

Anyway…Big Gratz to Obama!!!  Maybe the world will stop on hating the USA now…

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