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Ok…im confused now.

I emailed KIS support about the 64bit (vista 64) sandbox question and it looks like it may support IE Sandboxing after all. A sandboxed browser is really the only thing 90% of us really care about anyway. Check out their response below:

Functionality of certain applications launched on computers running Microsoft Windows Vista x64 is limited when operating in the safe mode. If such applications are started, the corresponding message will be displayed on the screen if you have configured the notifications about the Application functionality is limited in safe mode event.

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Twitter Updates for 2009-05-20

  • Finally installing Windows 7 (on vmware). Time to see what all the fuss is about. #
  • Having a melt down…I can’t keep up with Youtube pm’s #
  • Testing comodo 3.9 #
  • Virut goes right through comodo… #
  • @ghidorah68 yup, prevx is one of my favs. in reply to ghidorah68 #
  • I’m submitting this virut sample to the comodo team. Heads up guys… It’s called mail.exe #
  • @nico_V it was tested with d+ on safe mode. in reply to nico_V #
  • Working with comodo 3.9 tonight and tomorrow…I actually have to take notes since there are so many things to talk about with CIS #
  • @nico_V I was surprised too…never seen anything get past comodo yet in reply to nico_V #
  • @languy999 Ha! Thanks for the “heads up”. As always the Comodo userbase is ultra involved with CIS…that’s a good thing. in reply to languy999 #
  • CIS 3.9 is now blocking that sample of Virut. The Comodo Heuristics engine caught it. Yipee! #
  • CIS D+ needs simple alerts for simple users. #
  • Alerts options may do the trick. Allow people to choose detailed alerts or simple alerts. #
  • Simple alerts could be something like..”This item is not recognized as safe” Click here to research this item. #
  • Once the users clicks “here” a query is sent to google containing the name and file properties or… #
  • ..they are sent to a page that shows them how to research an item before clicking allow. It’s not near perfect, but it’s a start. #
  • Wow…CIS 3.9 only using 11.5 MB of RAM! #
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Microsoft OneCare does not work in Safemode

I’ve heard a lot of hype about OneCare (from Microsoft) and I must say it did not perform well on our infected VM.  OneCare removed about half the malware on the Virtual Machine and left all the rogue anti-malware with their fake system alerts still going off like crazy.

I think the most disturbing part about OneCare is that it does not work in safe mode!!!  Unacceptable.   OneCare may keep a system clean (prevent infections), but don’t count on it for cleaning existing infections.

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