Fake YouTube Messages – Your Account is Infected!

I was just doing my morning email chores when I stumbled across an email from my YouTube account.  This is what it said:

s0m3b0de has sent you a message:

Your Account is Infected
Your YouTube account has been infected with a self mailing worm and will be terminated in approx. 48 hours if malicious activities continue… Scan your account NOW with YouTubes online scanner to remove this dangerous threat from your computer and prevent further spread of this worm.

http://scanner01(dot)netai(dot)net/scan (hyperlink removed)

Since I was on my Mac Book I decided to click that link and this it what I found:
Oh no’s … a fake alert
Wow, my Mac just turned into a Windows box! …Fake scanner page.
Well, I haven’t seen this one before. MediaFire is hosting malware.
FYI – YouTube will never ever send you messages like the one mentioned above.