Video: How To Make a SARDU Boot Disc

How To Make A Sardu BootdiskAre you tired of carrying around multiple bootable on-demand anti-virus scanners and other bootable utilities?  I thought so.

I’ve got a solution for ya, it’s called a SARDU Boot Disk!

SARDU is really simple and really cool.  It’s just a way to consolidate your bootable ISO’s into a single CD/DVD or USB Stick.  Before I started using SARDU I had 5-6 bootable anti-virus scanners plus a utilities DVD.  Now, thanks to SARDU, I’m using a single Bootable DVD and a single Bootable USB disk.  Cool stuff.

Admittedly, I just started using SARDU, so I’m sure I’ll have some updates.  You can download SARDU here.

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